Sam Simpson Counselling

Values & Philosophy

I was drawn to the person centred approach to therapy because it fits closely with my own personal philosophy.

The person centred approach is based on the idea that we are all unique and the true experts on ourselves. It follows that each of us has the ability to live our lives to our full potential and, in the context of a genuine, trusting and non-judgemental relationship, can draw on our own resources and creativity to navigate any challenges we encounter along the way.

As a person centred counsellor and supervisor, my aim is to offer you a warm, supportive and confidential therapeutic relationship in which you can harness this potential and resourcefulness within yourself.

I value:

  • Honesty
  • Listening deeply
  • Collaboration
  • Creativity
  • Respecting diversity
  • Working at your pace and in your direction

I believe counselling and supervision can be creative and dynamic: we can draw it, make it, build it in the sand or find images and objects that capture it. When the left hemisphere of our brain cannot provide an answer through words and language, we can tap into the resourcefulness of the right hemisphere to see what happens.